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Over-grooming (Psychogenic Alopecia) in Cats

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Psychogenic alopecia is a syndrome in which cats excessively groom their hair and skin. This results in hair loss and baldness that usually starts on the abdomen and progress up the rear of the body.

A synonym for psychogenic alopecia is psychological baldness.  As this name implies, the syndrome is believed to have a psychological or behavioral basis.

Aggressive Play in Cats

Hunting, stalking, and attacking are natural behaviors for cats and kittens.  During play, these behaviors are inevitable.  However, some kittens and cats have trouble determining how far to proceed with these actions.  As a consequence, they may play too roughly.

If your cat is playing more aggressively than you'd like, there are several steps to take.  The first is to offer a wide variety of safe toys.  This will allow your pet to vent some of its aggressive energy on inanimate objects, rather than on you.

Behavior Modification for Urinating Outside of the Litter Box

Urinating outside of the litter box, also known as house soiling, is one of the most frustrating problems a cat owner can face.  Unfortunately, it is also a very common issue. Urinating outside of the box can be caused by medical conditions or behavioral issues.  This article is dedicated to treatment of house soiling as a behavioral problem.