Aggressive Play in Cats

Hunting, stalking, and attacking are natural behaviors for cats and kittens.  During play, these behaviors are inevitable.  However, some kittens and cats have trouble determining how far to proceed with these actions.  As a consequence, they may play too roughly.

If your cat is playing more aggressively than you’d like, there are several steps to take.  The first is to offer a wide variety of safe toys.  This will allow your pet to vent some of its aggressive energy on inanimate objects, rather than on you.

Behavior Modification for Separation Anxiety in Dogs


Behavior modification, or training, is the most important element in the treatment of separation anxiety in dogs. Behavior modification should be implemented only after a professional diagnosis of separation anxiety has been confirmed by a veterinarian.

The key components of behavior modification for separation anxiety include ensuring adequate exercise and enrichment, employing tactics to make separation from the owner more pleasant for the dog, and reducing the excitement surrounding the owner’s comings and goings.